Aligned with the recommendations of the International Task Force on Child Protection, we hold ourselves to a high standard of effective recruiting practices with specific attention to child protection.

Although we may not have a position currently available in your field, that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply.
We're always looking for great educators. That means people whose main motivation is not simply a paycheck or an easy work visa for their brief stint in Japan. We're a young, vibrant school with an awesome team and lots of passion. So if you're a progressive educator who cares about your craft and wants to convey that passion to others (especially the students), then we're looking for you. If you're a teacher who:

• has a certified teaching degree (full-time only)
• believes that education is not a spectator sport, but an experience that should be relevant, meaningful, and memorable
• is comfortable with a high level of autonomy in the classroom and with the curriculum
• reads sources, inside and outside of your area of expertise, in order to expand your knowledge as much as possible
• has an open mind, and is willing to adapt to a potentially different work environment (and way of doing things)
• demonstrates a passion for Japan and its culture, and is willing to be a responsible ambassador for your country and our school
• is interested in the psychology of learning, child psychology, second language acquisition, philosophy, and/or other related domains
• loves interacting with children and teenagers, but is also willing to apply discipline consistent with the school's approach
• can not only motivate students to learn, but teach them how to learn
• understands that the daily operation of a school is hard work, and is willing to put in the extra time and effort to help out beyond simply planning and teaching lessons
• can provide a criminal record check from every country in which you have worked for more than 6 months

...then email us with your CV and let us know who you are!

Open Position(s)

The Admissions Director helps to organize and guide families through the stages of the enrollment process, and proactively networks with other schools to establish professional relationships that ensure a smooth and healthy influx of students for both campuses, KAIS Elementary & Middle School and High School. The Admissions Director also supports general front desk office activities, such as welcoming visitors, responding to email inquiries, managing student and employee records, issuing official school documents, and participating in the logistics of the school day, ensuring students are getting from one location to another and providing general support to teachers and students.

  • English fluency required
  • Criminal background check, 2 professional references
  • Benefits: Paid school holidays, commuter allowance, health care, retirement, Japanese language & wellness stipend
  • Full-time (from August 2023)
  • Candidates with admissions and/or sales experience will be prioritized

APPLY NOW (Schrole)


We're seeking an empathetic school counselor to advocate for the well-being of our students, helping them with their academic, social, and personal development.

  • English fluency required
  • Required: Criminal background check, 2 professional references, counseling-related degree and/or certification
  • Benefits: Paid holidays, commuter allowance, health care, retirement, Japanese language & wellness stipend
  • Full-time (from August 2023)

APPLY NOW (Schrole)


In order to avoid unhelpful disruptions to regular school operations and student growth, we're searching for an on-call substitute teacher to support our team during teacher absences, including due to illness or for other reasons. Substitute teachers are responsible for carrying out the tasks of the absent teacher for whom he/she is substituting, such as delivering lessons based on the lesson plans, assessing student work, and supervising students during breaks.

  • Candidates with teaching experience will be prioritized.
  • Required: Criminal background check, 2 professional references
  • Salary: ¥15,000/day
  • Benefits: Commuter allowance
  • Candidate must reside in Japan
  • Part-time, on-call (from August 2022)