Although we may not have a position currently available in your field, that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply.
We're always looking for great educators. That means people whose main motivation is not simply a paycheck or an easy work visa for their brief stint in Japan. We're a young, vibrant school with an awesome team and lots of passion. So if you're a progressive educator who cares about your craft and wants to convey that passion to others (especially the students), then we're looking for you. If you're a teacher who:

• believes that education is not a spectator sport, but an experience that should be relevant, meaningful, and memorable
• is comfortable with a high level of autonomy in the classroom and with the curriculum
• reads sources, inside and outside of your area of expertise, in order to expand your knowledge as much as possible
• has an open mind, and is willing to adapt to a potentially different work environment (and way of doing things)
• demonstrates a passion for Japan and its culture, and is willing to be a responsible ambassador for your country and our school
• is interested in the psychology of learning, child psychology, second language acquisition, philosophy, and/or other related domains
• loves interacting with children and teenagers, but is also willing to apply discipline consistent with the school's approach
• can not only motivate students to learn, but teach them how to learn
• understands that the daily operation of a school is hard work, and is willing to put in the extra time and effort to help out beyond simply planning and teaching lessons
• has a certified teaching degree or a master's degree in the subject of instruction

...then email us with your CV and let us know who you are!

Open Position(s)

Science & Math Teacher
We're looking for a passionate, committed educator who can not only inspire students through creative experiments and inquiry-based projects, but also help them acquire the science literacy skills and knowledge to become confident, independent young scientists.
Required: Teaching certification and/or MSc
Salary: ¥350,000 - ¥400,000
Benefits: Paid holidays, commuter allowance, health care, retirement
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Early Years Teacher
A position is available on our Early Years team for a qualified, compassionate educator who can proactively assist our K-3 students with becoming independent, confident, and resilient learners.
Required: Teaching certification and/or Bachelor's degree
Salary: ¥350,000 - ¥400,000
Benefits: Paid holidays, commuter allowance, health care, retirement
Starting in August, 2019
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Classroom Assistant / Tutor
Applications for classroom assistants, tutors, and student 'shadows' are accepted throughout the year. University students, recent graduates, or individuals seeking early career experience in the field of education are welcome to apply.
Salary: ¥200,000 - ¥300,000
Benefits: Commuter allowance
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