Open Position(s)

Music Teacher
Part-time (¥5000/class)
Teach foundational music skills to K-8 students
Wednesdays, from 9:30 to 14:30
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Support Staff
Part-time support staff
Support students and teachers with various tasks
University students welcome!
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Private Tutors
After-school tutoring in Math and/or English
Support individual students with academic skills, homework, etc.
Hired privately by families
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Although we may not have a position currently available in your field, that doesn't mean you shouldn't apply.
We're always looking for great educators. That means people whose main motivation is not simply a paycheck or an easy work visa for their brief stint in Japan. We're a young, vibrant school with an awesome team and lots of passion. So if you're a progressive educator who cares about your craft and wants to convey that passion to others (especially the students), then we're looking for you. If you're a teacher who:

• believes that education is not a spectator sport, but an experience that should be relevant, meaningful, and memorable
• is comfortable with a high level of autonomy in the classroom and with the curriculum
• reads sources, inside and outside of your area of expertise, in order to expand your knowledge as much as possible
• has an open mind, and is willing to adapt to a potentially different work environment (and way of doing things)
• demonstrates a passion for Japan and its culture, and is willing to be a responsible ambassador for your country and our school
• is interested in the psychology of learning, child psychology, second language acquisition, philosophy, and/or other related domains
• loves interacting with children and teenagers, but is also willing to apply discipline consistent with the school's approach
• can not only motivate students to learn, but teach them how to learn
• understands that the daily operation of a school is hard work, and is willing to put in the extra time and effort to help out beyond simply planning and teaching lessons
• has a certified teaching degree or a master's degree in the subject of instruction

...then email us with your CV and let us know who you are!