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Personalized Learning

We employ differentiated instruction in many of our classes to tailor content to individual students. In math, for example, we use leveled Singapore Math assessments to keep track of and adapt to student progress. Those who are able to demonstrate mastery over a set of topics may pursue more challenging ones, while students who have trouble grasping concepts are given the assistance they require to not fall behind.

Small Classes

We believe in small class sizes, with a maximum ratio of 10 students to 1 educator. This creates a comfortable classroom atmosphere in which every student gets the appropriate attention he or she deserves. Reduced class sizes also prevent students from slipping through the cracks, and producing mediocre and uninspired work.


Every semester, students choose from a complement of hobbies and interests they want to pursue. Interested in photography? We have a DIY darkroom under the stairs. Like cooking? Try your hand at making hummus, chocolate brownies, or ice cream (just don’t eat them at the same time!). Other elective courses range from Arts & Crafts, Language & Culture, Singing, Dancing, etc.

Homework Lab

At KAIS EMS, students do much of the heavy lifting of learning — the homework — at the end of the school day, in the presence of an instructor who assists, guides, answers questions, and motivates the students as they study. This has the secondary effect of alleviating parents of their nightly duties, enabling families to spend quality time together doing other activities.

Innovative Social Studies

Our social studies classes employ roleplaying game mechanics, helping to promote intrinsic motivation in students. The students, for example, could play as daimyo in control of feudal provinces. Similarly, the golden age of exploration and discovery could come alive, pitting the students against monstrous waves, mutinies, and starvation in their quest to establish trade routes in the spice-rich Moluccas.

School of Rock

Our students take weekly lessons from professional musicians at LiVEJAM, a fully-equipped rock music studio where they get the opportunity to learn one instrument per year until they graduate. Aside from establishing foundational knowledge of multiple instruments, their hard work is rewarded by participating in a live performance at the end of every semester.

Learning with Technology

We provide a laptop computer to every student in Grade 3 and above. Students learn a variety of fundamental skills, from writing and sharing documents, checking their grades (anytime, anywhere), and preparing stimulating presentations, to more complex skills ranging from video editing, audio production, and even programming through our affiliated Tokyo Tech Club! Our next step: incorporating virtual reality technology into the classroom with HTC Vive headsets!

After-School Club Activities

We offer a variety of after-school activities, from popular sports to cinema and culture clubs. In the Cinema Club, for example, students watch important classic and contemporary films, analyzing composition techniques, and discussing the great masters of film and their contributions to the ongoing history of cinema. The Culture Club busies itself by sharing recipes and studying the rich diversity of the world. Our sports teams, …

Daily Morning Workouts

A healthy body creates a strong immune system and a healthy mind. At KAIS EMS, daily physical workouts keep the students fit, healthy, and mentally sharp – in the best possible condition for maximum learning efficiency. We have the responsibility to not only educate students about their health and the important role exercise plays, but also to promote the development of their fitness through an effective physical education program, creating positive nutrition and exercise habits that will last a lifetime and improve the students’ overall health.

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The KAIS EMS elective system is the best. The students really enjoy it because they can take a break from studying regular subjects. The school is also a great environment to make friends.

Connie Grade 6

KAIS EMS is an awesome school! It challenges students, and is a bullying-free school. It’s got a lot of fun field trips and activities, nice teachers, and lots of homework!

Cecilia Grade 6

The classes at KAIS EMS always have creative projects. I really like the science ones!

Chris Grade 6

KAIS EMS is a really good environment that gives us the opportunity to make more friends and learn many things. KAIS is so awesome!

Motoharu Grade 6

KAIS EMS is a great school where you can learn a lot of things! My school before was boring, but not KAIS EMS. There’s no bullying, and not too much homework.

Chelsea Grade 5

This is the best school ever! There are tons of fun classes that you can enjoy, from singing and cooking, to language arts and social studies. My favorite is dance class. The teachers are wonderful!

Josie Grade 7

KAIS EMS Comprehensive Student Surveys

Every semester, we survey the students in order to gather data on a comprehensive array of topics, from academics, extra-curricular activities, their sense of belonging, and so on. After analyzing and interpreting the data in a series of meetings, we constantly adjust and improve our school to fit the needs and expectations of our students. We take school culture very seriously, and work hard to cultivate a great atmosphere, both socially and academically. We're a young school with a great team, and we feel that survey data will only serve to keep us on our toes. If we slip up or slack off, it'll show... just another opportunity to develop and change, to grow and reinvent ourselves!

"I feel safe from being bullied in my school"
"I feel respected by my teachers"
"The teachers in this school make our classwork fun, interesting, and challenging"
"I have chances to take part in decision-making at this school"